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UPDATE Adding Servers / HUGE SALE!
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Dear Ruby Players!

Currently i'm busy with creating more servers, for more fun! ..

I'm currently working at Kit-PvP, Prison and Practice-PvP ..
I will add a /filter command in Kit-PvP to disable pickup of any stuff you want! ..
I don't spoile to much, but their will be many kits and a nice arena!

Also we have Saturday 24 August a HUGE SALE, 80% SALE .. Only this day because of my birthday.
I've fixed the store and added the most features..

I have fixed Creative AND Skyblock ..
Any bugs can be reported on our Discord server or on our Forums. We're working hard on it!

Thanks for reading
~ FysiQ
RESET Factions PvP Reset!
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Hello people!!

I've added in the past few days alot of new features to RubyPvP Factions, below a list!

- Updated our RubyCore, (New ranks, the ranks on factions aren't global anymore)
- Updated the maps, we got now a new spawn!
- Updated crates, added one more crate (Mythical).. Still under maintenance
- Added voteparties, vote now for parties (Random rewards)
- Added Flat END and Nether !
- Fixed Envoy bug/glitch
- Added new kits to Envoy, fixed spawners
- Changed shop gui a bit
- Added tags ! ( /tags )
- Fixed CombatTag
- Changed koth, new koth place, fresh koth loot
- Fixed world border
- Changed kits
- Changed Custom Enchants ( /added RubyEnchants )
- Changed Prefixes of chat
- Fixed our Ban System

I've also added Anti Bot - Anti DDOS for all our Servers ( Even the Bungeecord )

Our ranks are successfully converted on Factions, another servers are coming soon ( Working on it )

This is the Update for now!
RubyPvP Factions has been released !

~ FysiQ


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Dear !

I'm glad to announce that we're going to launch RubyPvP !

When: Thursday, 08 August, 01:00PM

I've added in the past few weeks alot of commands and features!
Currently we're running only Factions, Skyblock and Creative, due to some errors / bugs on the Kit-PvP and Survival Server.

Report any bug on our forum, so we can work on it.

Also we're running a 50% SALE, you can support our server here: Store.

Any more information is coming soon, join our server to check the new features out!

Friendly Regards,