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ANNOUNCEMENT Start Factions Season 1

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Hello people!

We don't have a launch date set, we gonna announce the launch date on our discord. But we've add the following things »

- Scoreboard, watch your MCMMO Power level, your Faction and more!
- Changed / Added kits
- Added Koth / Common / Mythical crates
- Added Bounties (/bounty to open the menu!)
- Added /help menu
- Changed alot of messages
- New Factions Plugin (Limited max enemies to 5)
- New CE's (Added Ruby Enchantments)
- New Warp END and warp Nether (Warp nether is normal again)
- New features to spawn
- Fixed /rename (only for donators)
- New Chat Layout, and prefixes
- Added a warp menu (/warp to open menu)
- Added koth menu (/koths to open the menu)
- New / fixed anticheat
- Fixed SellWands
- Changed /shop (Added new features, changed prices, removed useless things)
- Changed /spawnershop (New prices, removed some spawners)
- Added new NPC'S
- And many more..

Any suggestion is welcome on our discord!

Kind Regards,