UPDATE New Website + Factions Server


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Staff member
Dear (new) players of RubyPvP,

Currently i'm busy with changing our Website, and our server.
We got now on our Server, new and custom commands.

We don't use /warp shop anymore. We're currently using /shop, to open the shop in GUI.

What we're added in the last week ?
- Custom commands
- /milk - remove potions
- /nv (/nightvision) - add (permanent) nightvision
- /rage - gives you potions to fight (Like strenght, speed)
- /fury - gives you potions to run in a fight (Like speed, jumpboost, haste)
- /regen - gives your potion to regen.
- Shop in GUI (/shop)
- New Factions Top (/ftop)
- New player balance top
- PvPTop (/killtop)
- ROS Changes, (For staff, the staffchat).
- Added more ranks, (7 Ranks)
- Fixed permissions for donators, players and even staff
- Crates (Awesome crate rewards)

More is coming soon..

Thanks for Reading, Friendly Regards
- iYordiiiDev Developer / Co-Owner RubyPvP